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RADIONAVIGATION UNLIMITED by Michel Messud Are you a PPL or PPH feeling you need to improve your knowledge? Are you an experienced pilot wishing to upgrade to the IMC rating? Maybe you are also preparing for the IR? You may also be an IR pilot already but you would like to practice at home to keep fit for the real stuff? All of you have a common interest in aviation and RADIONAVIGATION UNLIMITED has been carefully designed to give you the best available tool to learn and to train to proficiency, or just to keep your skills at top level. RADIONAVIGATION UNLIMITED is really valuable, exceptionally valuable! RADIONAVIGATION UNLIMITED provides - An exhaustive comprehensive course including examples in order to clearly understand how to use radionavigation aids and how to fly the procedures Table of contents „Ã VDF ¡V ADF ¡V VOR ¡V HSI ¡V RMI ¡V DME ¡V ILS ¡V GPS ¡V FD ¡V RADAR ¡V Techniques and Procedures - Basic ADF and VOR simulators - Complete ADF ¡V VOR ¡V HSI ¡V RMI simulators RADIONAVIGATION UNLIMITED is the result of a great deal of work from a highly experienced pilot and instructor (almost 50 years of flying ¡K) still deeply in love with all flying machines, Michel Messud! Every useful thing is clearly explained, why we proceed in such a way and not in another one, how to simplify life and stay alive, good habits... RADIONAVIGATION UNLIMITED is the most appropriate preparation to IFR UNLIMITED, the next CD, which will complete your training to make a reliable pilot out of you. Requirements: 32 bits colour VGA 1024-768 Monitor, WINDOWS 98 or later, Pentium, 500 MB hard disk free space

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